Ilhwa Fermented Ginseng Capsule/Tea

Ginseng Tea

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Not all ginsengs are the same!

We use only the finest matured Korean ginseng. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed. Ginseng is made available in a variety of products that varies in price and gratuity. The price depends largely on the quality and quantity of extract contained in the product. The unique processing used by IL HWA, and the attention to quality, is your assurance of an excellent and effective ginseng brand. You can depend on the name IL HWA.

Though many people take Ginseng for specific health conditions (no claims made, of course!), it is also a wonderful builder of the Immune System.*In fact, historically Korean Ginseng was used primarily as “preventativemedicine”.* Athletes, who use the Concentrate just before doing their physical activities, claim a definite increase in stamina.*

How it's made! Made specifically selected Ginseng roots harvested at the optimum time between 4.5 to 5.5 year old, fresh, whole Korean Ginseng roots. Younger roots are not as potent, roots grown to 6 years and beyond have a poor balance of ginsenosides.

1.Stimulant: Ginseng has been shown to be safe, effective, natural stimulant with many advantages over others such as caffeine and amphetamines. It is not an excitant, and therefore it does not cause over stimulation.*

2. Tonic: The traditional oriental view of ginseng is as a long-term restorative. In countries where doctors are paid only when their patients stay well, ginseng appears in nearly all the natural preparations with immune-enhancing, harmonizing purposes.*

3. Mental Benefits: Russian experiments have shown that ginseng improves the mental state of the elderly. Some doctors recommend it for people of all ages to reduce stress, improve mood and help with enjoyable sleep. It has been documented to raise the spirits and improve outlook on life.*

4. Anti-stress: Ginseng's adaptogenic, or normalizing, action helps the body to adapt to all types of stress. By improving the efficiency of body systems, the defense forces are strengthened as well.*

5. Cardio Vascular health Clinical trials have shown ginseng to assist cardio vascular health. The Chinese have included ginseng as part of dietary recommendations for those suffering from carmdio vascular challenges.*

6. Blood Sugar Many clinical studies have been performed on Ginseng’s positive effects on blood sugar levels. Doctors often suggest Ginseng as part of a health oriented diet.*

7. Sexual Health Ginseng helps with vitality and many experience improved performance in many physical activities including healthy sexual activity. However, it is not an aphrodisiac.*

8. Health in old age: The effects of ginseng are cumulative. With regular use, it is thought to not only increase health and vitality, but will also prolong life.* The 8 Points above should be seriously taken note of!