About Us


This website is owned by Dr.Georges Tegha. Dr. Georges Tegha is a(Licensed /Reflexology/Massage Therapist/Natural Counsellor.

Our Vision:

Our goal, using natural methods and healing skills, is to help individuals and families acquire good health through increased wellness and fitness and achieve healthy lifestyles.

Our Mission:

1. Promote mind/body unity

2. Encourage proper exercising

3. Enhance nutrition

4. Ensure better sleep habits

5. Increase a sense of leisure/pleasure.

Core Values:

We promote wellness through encouraging balance on all levels:

1.Intellectual – Providing information to enable wise decision making.

2. Physical – Increasing the quality and length of lives.

3. Social – Assisting the formation of meaningful relationships, enhancing the quality of life.

4. Spiritual – Embracing a wellness belief force greater than that of the individual.